Open distance learning: pathway to sustainable development of higher Education in Nigeria

Oladipo, A.J. (2017-02)

Staff Publications


This paper examines the level of commitment of Open and Distance Learning Institutions to the global development goals with emphasis on access to education in Nigeria. Documentary evidence pertaining to the demand and supply of university education as well as the level of enrolment and graduate output in the Distance Learning Institute (DLI), University of Lagos is presented. It is observed that the level of unsatisfied demand for university education has continued to rise over the past 15 years, reaching its highest value in 2014. Concomitantly, a steady rise in the level of enrolment in DLI was also found with the highest enrolment recorded in 2012. In effect, a significant relationship between the level of enrolment in DLI and that of unsatisfied demand for education was established. Also graduate output was significantly related to students’ enrolment in the DLI, University of Lagos. On the other hand, the long term trend in enrolment was upward in all disciplines with Business Administration and Accounting recording the highest enrolment as opposed to Science Education. The paper thus recognises the fact that Open Distance Learning is a giant step towards providing greater access to university education and recommends that more Open Distance Learning centres should be established in Nigeria in order to further broaden the access to university education for all. Finally, more disciplines should be included in the Distance Learning Institute (DLI) University of Lagos programmes