Analysis of archive administration and records preservation in catholic church community in Nigeria

Ojo, J.O. ; Ojeagbonye, E.P. ; Odunlade, R.O (2015)

Scholarly articles


The study assessed Catholic Church community's way of archive administration and records preservation in Nigeria. Four objectives and four research questions guided the study. The design of the study was a descriptive survey which used questionnaire as the instrument for data collection. The population of the study was 180 representing members of the Catholic community; a total enumeration (census) sampling was used to select the sample of 180. Questionnaire was administered to the 180 respondent, 114 were returned representing a response rate of63.3%_ The study found out that 90 (78.9%) of the churches repositories are customised, 24 (21.1%) possessed a purpose built, while 71 (62.3%) indicated use of microfilming use of preservation. In addition, 96 (84.2%) shown use of duplication as revealed in some of the results in the findings All the results had shown that churches administration had control inform of written guidelines over their records, storage facilities, use of cabinet and cupboards and archival repositories. The study concluded that archive administration and records management practices in Lagos and Ibadan need improvement for future.