Assessment of Environmental Consciousness among Patrons in Selected Academic and Public Libraries in Lagos Metropolis

Alabi, A.O. (2020)

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Environmental consciousness encompasses a lot of engagements and actions either to reverse or repair the damage done to the environment. As part of ensuring safe living, "going green," has therefore become an intensifying international and multidisciplinary concern in contemporary society (Fallik, Soper and Sparks, 2012). The United Nations has been actively involved in environmental protection through the Eco Day or World Environment Day celebrated annually in over 143 countries every 5th day of June since 1974. The Eco Day is the United Nation's main flagship campaign for raising awareness on protection of the environment from pollution, global warming, climate change and so forth. With the increasing emphasis on prevailing poor environmental conditions in most countries, environmental sustainability is a major area of research and concern in this current dispensation (Kurbanoğlu and Boustany, 2014).