An Examination of the Effect of Female Education and Fertility in Nigerian

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Adebiyi, O.O.
Ogunniyi, M.B.
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The study examined the effect of female education on fertility in Nigeria. The Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS) and were time series data sourced from World Development Indicators (WDl) were used for the trend analyses. Due to inadequate time series data to achieve a robust analysis, the study used Tobit Regression to analyse a cross-sectional day surveyed on women in South-West Nigeria. The result showed increased years of schooling as well as educational attainment lowers fertility and it is statistically significant at 5%. The study concluded that higher educated women are less fertile or delay the birth of children than the less educated ones.
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Female Education , Fertility , Female Labour Force Participation , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Adebiyi O.A. & M.B. Ogunniyi (2019) An Examination of the Effect of Female Education and Fertility in Nigerian. Lawanson O.I. & Nwakeze N.M. (Ed.) Economics of Human Resource: Issues, Challenges & Opportunities; Festschrift in honour of Professor Folayan Ojo. Pp 479-490. University of Lagos Press and Bookshop Ltd.