ICT competence and use of electronic information resources among distance learning students in South-West Nigeria

Adedokun, T.O ; Babalola, Y.T (2018-06)

Scholarly articles


The paper reports on part of the finding of a doctoral study that was completed in Babcock University in 2017. The study was carried out among 8,812 undergraduates of the National Open University in South-West, Nigeria to ascertain the influence of ICT competence on use of electronic information resources (EIRs). The survey research design was adopted for the study. Stratified sampling technique was used to select 802 participants. Data was collected with a self-structured questionnaire and analyzed using descriptive statistics, correlation and simple regression analysis. Findings showed that majority of the students had the requisite ICT competence to effectively use electronic information resources. There was a significant relationship between the use of EIRs and ICT competence (r=0.389; p<.05) and ICT competence had a significant influence on the use of EIRs (Adj. R2= .150, F(1,569)=101.40, p<.05). The study recommended that the management of NOUN should make efforts to remove the impediments to optimum use of EIRs by NOUN students such as erratic power supply, and poor Internet access. Also, the library should provide periodic training to sharpen the ICT competence of students.