Leadership Question in Nigeria: A Philosophical Appraisal

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Owosho, S.A.
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University of Cape Coast Press
The deficiency in governance and the socio economic imbalance that have ravaged the Nigerian political landscape since independence suggest to a large extent a vivid manifestation of leadership failure. It is against this backdrop that this paper proposes to make a philosophical examination of the question of leadership in the Nigerian state .In the philosophical parlance, a leader for Plato is one who has attained the highest level of knowledge and statesmanship. Plato advocates that competence should be the qualification for authority. This paper makes the statement that Nigeria will witness a progressive monumental transformation if philosophical acumen is made the minimum requirement for the appointment or election of leaders
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Leadership failure , Knowledge , Statesmanship , Monumental Transformation , Philosophical Acumen
Owosho S.A. (2016). Leadership Question in Nigeria: A Philosophical Appraisal, in Ibrahim A. Jawondo & Victor Ojakorotu (Eds.), Africa and Other Continents Since the 19th Century, University of Cape Coast Press, Cape Coast, 520-534