State of Water Supply Sources and Sanitation in Nigeria: Implications for Muslims in Ikare-Akoko Township

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Ayeni, A.O.
Soneye, A.S.O.
Balogun, I.I.
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The Arab World Geographer (AWG) Publishing
Access to sanitation and water supply is a fundamental need and a human right, vital to the life, health, and dignity of human beings. According to the World Health Organization, improved water supply and adequate sanitation would result in a 25 % to 33 % reduction in diarrheal diseases in the developing world, which now accounts for 4 billion cases each year; decreased incidence of intestinal worm infestations that lead to malnutrition, anemia, and retarded growth; and control of blindness due to trachoma and schistosomiasis, which are also water related. In Nigeria, less than 50 % of the population have access to improved water supply and sanitation. The percentage varies from urban to rural communities and from cities to villages. Ikare-Akoko is one of the towns that suffers from deficient water supply and sanitation. This study was carried out to establish the implications of unsafe water-supply sources and poor sanitation on Muslims in Ikare-Akoko Township, Nigeria. The study revealed that the main sources of water for domestic use by the Muslims were unprotected wells and ponds; about 68 % and 20 % of Muslims still depend on open-air defecation and latrines, respectively, and only 2 % have a flush toilet system. Within the previous year, about 63.2 % and 37.5 % of Muslims experienced malaria and diarrhea respectively. The study reveals that unavailability of safe water and a poor sanitary environment are serious problems among Muslims in Ikare-Akoko, and this may have serious consequences for public health.
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water supply , sanitation , Muslims , Nigeria , Ikare-Akoko Township , Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES::Earth sciences
Ayeni, A. O., A. S. O. Soneye and I. I. Balogun (2009): State of Water Supply Sources and Sanitation in Nigeria: Implications for Muslims in Ikare-Akoko Township. The Arab World Geographer, 12 (1-2), 95–104.