Assessment of Urban Poverty, Water and Sanitation in Alimosho Local Government Area, Lagos State

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Ayeni, A.O.
Ogunyemi, E.O.
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Department of Geography, UNILAG
In many parts of the world millions of people live in informal urban settlements especially in developing countries where lack of resources and inadequate infrastructural facilities lead to degradation of the environment. The aim of this study is to access and examine the incidence of poverty, water and sanitation in Alimosho LGA of Lagos metropolis. The study examined the disparities in the poverty severity experienced at different places over the study area which is being measured with some selected indicators. These indicators include economic, water and sanitation. Economic indicator considered the occupation type and average income of the household head for the measurement of urban poverty. Water indicator considered the source(s) of drinking water, the quality of the available water sources, and the proximity of population to the available water facilities. Sanitation indicator considered households' toilet facilities, households' waste type, households' waste collection & management, household waste disposal methods as well as waste evacuation rate. The study reveals that 44.1% and 38.6% of the population relied on boreholes and well respectively while the 51.6% travelled less than 50meter to get domestic water. Flush/Sewer and direct flush to septic tank are the most common toilet facilities in the area. The study also reveals that about 67.4% of the populations dispose their waste through LAWMA/PSP while 18.5% dump their wastes along in the open places/road sides. The study concluded that the Government Poverty Alleviation Programme should be restructured if not re-designed and should be centered on the 'basic needs' approach
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Urban poverty , water , sanitation , indicators , Lagos State , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
Ayeni A. O. and E. O. Ogunyemi (2015): Assessment of Urban Poverty, Water and Sanitation in Alimosho Local Government Area, Lagos State. Lagos Journal of Geo-Information Sciences (LJGIS), 3:83-96