Does Geography Duplicate other Disciplines

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Ayeni, A.O.
Soneye, A.S.O.
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Association of Nigerian Geographer (ANG)
This paper technically examines the value of geography understanding, scope and contents that may be drawn to negate the argument that geography duplicates the work of other disciplines. The data for this study were gleaned from existing relevant literature and guided personal understanding and interpretation of the information over time on the subject matter. The paper underscores that Geography emphasis is on the geographical distribution of varied phenomena that exist in an area with human – environment relation interest. It has dignified as an academic discipline because the connection between phenomena can be studies and explained. Considering these, this study noted that it is difficult to name a separate discipline which deals with main function of the phenomena as geography does, and where the discipline do exist the study types and the real position and distribution on ground are seldom important. It also observed that many of the subject from which geography is said to borrow do not exist for the fact that geography does not take up the particular facts about phenomena only when it has recognized their geographical conditionality, but establishes their geographical circumstances descriptively and embarks on to the causal investigation as well as introducing facts to phenomena whose fundamental connections to human – environment interest is not yet clear.
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Geography , disciplines , duplicates , scope , contents , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
Ayeni, A. O. and A. S. O. Soneye (2018). Does Geography Duplicate other Disciplines, Nigeria Geographical Journal, 12(1), 88 – 97