Effect of Predict-Observe-Explain Instructional Strategy on Students Practical Skills in Physics

Ogunleye, B.O. ; Babajide, V.F.T. (2010)

Scholarly articles


This study determined the effect of Predict-Observe - Explain (POE) instructional strategy on Senior Secondary School students’ practical skills in Physics. This initiative was borne out of the current status of science teaching generally, and physics instruction in particular, which provides for inadequate exposure of students to practical activities with resultant student poor practical skills. The pre-test post-test quasi-experimental design was adopted for the study. 213 SS II Physics students from six senior secondary schools in Ibadan, Nigeria constituted the sample for the study. Results obtained through the use of descriptive statistics and ANCOVA showed that the Predict- Observe-Explain instruction was more effective (adjusted mean = 33.37) than the conventional practical instruction (adjusted mean = 24.42), It was recommended that Physics teachers should adopt the Predict-Observe-Explain instruction strategy while school administrations should propagate the potentials inherent in the novel strategy among Nigeria science teachers.