Re-thinking Shelter Strategies in Lagos, Nigeria: A Panacea for Attaining a Global City Status

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Iweka, A. C.
Adebayo, A. K.
Igwe, J. M.
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Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Putra, Malaysia
Although Lagos, Nigeria is classified among the largest cities in the world, there are uncertainties about whether its quest to become a global city can materialize if its growth continues to be inundated by problems of shelter deprivation. The current population estimate of Lagos is over 17.0 million. It is known that 60-70% of this figure are scattered among the 200 officially recognized slum settlements in the city. The implication is that the quality of life of many urban dwellers that constitute the human resource base of the city will be compromised if prompt measures are not taken. This paper hypothesizes that one sure way for Lagos to climb the global urban hierarchy is for it to initiate urban changes in the form of adopting a real estate strategy that focuses on counter-measures against the prevalence of shelter deprivation. The study examines the experiences of cities in countries that share similar historical antecedents with Lagos. Different perspectives of the real estate strategy employed by different countries in their attempt to attract foreign investments are discussed. The paper concludes by emphasizing the dimensions of real estate strategy that could be applicable in the Lagos context
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Globalizing cities , Lagos , Real estate strategy , Shelter deprivation , Urbanization , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Civil engineering and architecture
Iweka, A. C. O., Adebayo, A. K., and Igwe, J. M. (2013). Re-thinking Shelter Strategies in Lagos, Nigeria: A Panacea for Attaining a Global City Status. Elixir International Journal, 63.