School and Parental Factors Associated with One-Night Stand, Condom Use at Sexual Debut and Multiple Sexual Partners

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Alabi, T.A.
Oyefara, J.L.
Adisa, W.B.
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In many countries, risky sexual behaviour appears to have become more common among sexually active young adults due to increasing acceptance of pre-marital sexual behaviour. This poses threat to the sexual and reproductive health of those who engage in same. This study investigated the possible influence of school and parental factors such as time of sexual debut (before or after admission), institutional type, accommodation type (whether campus or off-campus), parental marriage type, parental counselling and family of socialisation on three risky sexual behaviours. These are one-night stand, condom use at first sex and multiple sexual partners. The study adopted cross-sectional survey method. A total of 433 respondents were selected from three stratified tertiary institutions in Lagos State, Nigeria. The study found that institutional type and parents' marriage significantly influenced involvement in one-night stand. The age at sexual debut and parents' marriage type are associated with the use of condom at first sex. Also, while students of polytechnic had more sexual partners than their counterparts in the university and college of education (F: 16.849; p: 0.001), those living inside campus were significantly more likely to have multiple sexual partners than those outside campus (T: -1.995; p: 0.047). The study recommends the need for the management of institutes of higher learning and accommodation providers to improve their physical environment to discourage risky sexual behaviours, and to sensitise young people. Also, parent-child discussion on sex-related matters from both parents especially in polygynous homes is encouraged.
one-night stand , sexual debut , condom use , multiple sexual partners
Alabi, T.A, Oyefara, J.L. & Adisa, W.B.. (2020). School and Parental Factors Associated with One-Night Stand, Condom Use at Sexual Debut and Multiple Sexual Partners. Social Education Research, 1(2), 200-209.