Low-Cost Construction Through The Use Of Pulverized Bone Foamed Aerated Concrete (PB-FAC).

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Falade, F.
Ikponmwosa, E.
Fapohunda, C.
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Provision of affordable housing especially, for low-income earners, which forms the majority or the population. continues to be elusive in the nations of world. The major reason given for this is the high cost of building and construction materials. Concrete and concrete products constitute the major building construction materials. However. cement which is till: main binder in concrete production has been identified as the major contributor to increasing high cost of construction. This paper presents the results of investigation conducted to assess the structural suitabiIity and adequacy, as well as affordabiIity of using pulverized bone as partial replacement of cement in the production of foamed aerated concrete (PB-FAC) for low-cost buiIding and construction purposes using Nigeria as a case study. 'The parameters investigated in accordance with relevant standards, are: workability. density, compressive strength, tensile strength. and water absorption capacity. Cost comparison with equivalent concrete of equal strength was also carried out. The results showed adequate strength and water absorption capacity, as well as cost reduction of lip to 36°'-i, at 20°"0 cement replacement with pulverized bone, It is concluded that the use of pulverized bone foamed aerated concrete (PB-FAC) can be used as a strong and affordable building and construction material.
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Aerated concrete. , Low- Cost
Falade, F. Et...al (2010) Low-Cost Construction Through The Use Of Pulverized Bone Foamed Aerated Concrete (PB-FAC). Journal of Civil and Environment Research, Vol. X, (X), p. 1-12.