Christian Missions and their Linguistic Legacies

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Falako, F. O.
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Ilesa: Triumph-Providential
Indigenous languages are adversely affected in this era of globalization, due to an apparent negligence in favour of foreign ones. The paper focused on the early Christian Missions and their attitude of appreciation to the language of their hosts. It looked into how in the course of evangelism they reduced Yoruba, Igbo, Efik, Nupe and Hausa languages into writing. In the process, they created linguistic hegemony, a culture of reading and tribal consciousness that helped fan the embers of nationalism; all to the consternation of the colonial administrators. The paper posited that these legacies must be built upon in our generation so as to save indigenous languages from total eclipse. To pave way for the assimilation of traditional ideas and values, the paper advocated a sympathetic evaluation of African linguistic heritage.
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Falako, F. O. (2011). “Christian Missions and their Linguistic Legacies.” In A. Alani & S. Oni (Eds.). Trends and Issues in Education in Nigeria: A Book of Readings in Memory of Professor Busari. Ilesa: Triumph-Providential. Pp 152-164.