Work related stress and coping mechanisms among bankers in Lagos

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Olatona, F.A.
Ezeobika, E.N.
Okafor, I.P.
Owoeye, O.B.
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African Journal of Medical Sciences
BACKGROUND: This study assessed knowledge, prevalence, associated factors and mechanisms of coping with stress among bankers in Lagos State. METHODS: It was a descriptive cross sectional study. A two stage sampling technique was used to select two hundred and twenty seven (227) respondents. Data was collected using a structured self administered questionnaire. The analysis was done using Epi-info version 2002 software and Chi Square was used to determine association between variables at p value 0.05. Fischer's Exact test was used where Chi-square was not valid. RESULTS: The age range of respondents was between 20 and 49 years while the mean age was 31.3 +/- 5.0 years. Only 3.6% had good level of knowledge about stress, 42.2% had fair level while more than half of the respondents had poor level of knowledge about stress (54.3%). Majority (67.0%) of the respondents were moderately stressed while one quarter (24.7%) were highly stressed. Majority (92.4%) of the respondents used good coping mechanisms though 69.5% of the respondents also used bad coping mechanisms. A greater proportion of those who had poor knowledge about stress were stressed or highly stressed (p = 0.002). A statistically significant association was also found between the departments in the bank and level of stress of the respondents (p = 0.002). CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION: The prevalence of stress was high among the bank workers studied. It is recommended that effective stress management programmes are implemented to address the problem of stress among bank workers
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Work , Work-related stress , bank workers , coping mechanisms , Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE
Olatona FA, Ezeobika E N, Okafor IP, Owoeye OBA. Work related stress and coping mechanisms among bankers in Lagos, Nigeria. Afr J Med. Sci. 2014 ;43(1):59-65