The Effect of Training on Pictorial Depth Perception among Nigerian Primary School Children.

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Makanju, O.A.O
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University of Lagos
The aim of the study was to establish the effectiveness of a non-test specific method for training children in pictorial depth perception. Subjects were drawn from two primary schools in Lagos, one designated Upper Socio-Economic School (USS). The other Lower Socio-Economic School (LSS). The classification into socio-economic classes was based on the earning power and educational achievement of parents of children attending such school. Four hundred children, 40 (20 male, 20 female) from grade 1 to 5 in each school took part. In each grade, 20 subjects (10 male, 10 female) were assigned to either a control or an experimental groups. The experimental group were given an initial test using the Hudson's 'huntingscene' pictures (pre-test), then underwent a training programme utilising five different training materials before taking a post-training test (post-test). Training materials included Collin's recognition of incomplete drawings test, Elkind's picture ambiguity test, while others were Mckay's new embedded-figures test, Jahoda's spatial-perceptual task and the 'draw-in-hidden-edge' test. Six months after the post-test, a retention test was carried out. The control group's participation was the same except that they did not undergo any training. The results of the experiments and the analysis of variance carried out indicated that: 1. Children from the U.S.S. performed significantly better on the pre- and post tests than the L.S.S. subjects. 2. Level of formal education significantly affected the ability to interpret pictures in threedimensions. 3. There were no significant sex differences on the tasks. 4. A 'non-test-specific' method of training subjects produced a greater understanding of depicted depth, and such effects were shown to be reliable over time. 5. Training effect on performance was significantly greater for the U.S.S. children than L.S.S.
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Pictorial Depth , Training , Training Method , Socio- Economic
Makanju, O.A.O (1985), The Effect of Training on Pictorial Depth Perception among Nigerian Primary School Children, University of Lagos School of Postgraduate Studies Phd Thesis and Dissertation Abstracts, 237pp.