Leaf Epidermal Features in 14 Species of Vernonia.

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Nwakanma, N.M.C.
Adekoya, K.O.
Kadiri, A. B.
Oboh, B.O.
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Egyptian Academic Journal of Biological Sciences (H. Botany)
The objective of this study was to assess the leaf epidermal micro-morphology in some Vernonia species in Nigeria. .In–situ morphological characterization was carried out on 61 field samples consisting of 14 Vernonia species collected from Nigeria. Light microscopic studies of the foliar epidermal micromorphology were undertaken on the 14 Vernonia species from field collections with a view to elucidating the taxonomic significance of the epidermal features. The characters were analyzed to determine the variations which may be useful in species identification. Qualitative and quantitative assessment of epidermal characteristics revealed diagnostic features such as anomocytic stomatal type found on amphistomatic and hypostomatic leaves. Mean stomata index ranged from 1.06 % - 22.22 % in the genus. The epidermal cell shape was mostly polygonal or sinuous on both surfaces or polygonal or sinuous on either surface. Anticlinal wall pattern was straight or undulate on both surfaces or straight/curved or undulate on either surface, as well as wavy or undulate on either surface. Multicellular and other trichomes which manifested various geometrical forms were also observed.
Genetic Diversity , foliar , epidermal micro morphology , stomata , Vernonia
Nwakanma, N. M. C., Adekoya, K.O., Kadiri, A.B. and Oboh, B.O. (2018). Leaf Epidermal Features in 14 Species of Vernonia. Egyptian Academic Journal of Biological Sciences H. Botany. 9 (1) : 59 - 73