Towards Enhancing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Compliance of the Primary School Teachers for Effective Teaching

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Okafor, N
Umoinyang, I.E.
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The Michigan Science Teacher Association
This study has examined primary school teachers’ Computer literacy level and utilization of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Three research questions are drawn to guide the study. The sample size consists of 144 teachers randomly selected from 6 public primary schools in Ekwusigo Local Government Education Authority (LGEA)Anambra State. Computer Literacy Status (CLS) and Teachers’ Level of ICT Utilization (TL1U) are two instruments used in data collection and they have reliability indices of 0.73 and 3.85 respectively. The data collected are analyzed using simple percentages. The result has shown that majority of primary school teachers are computer illiterates and thus cannot effectively teach primary concepts with ICT facilities. The study has suggested adequate provi¬sion of computers to schools and in-service training of teachers for skills acquisition in the development of ICT educational software for leaching primary subjects. The study concludes that: if teachers are not ICT literates, Nigeria involvement and participation in this emerging electronic market will be a mirage.
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Computer literacy level , Information and Communication Technology (ICT) , ICT Utilization , primary school teachers , primary concepts , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences
Okafor, N. & Umoinyang, I. E. (2008).Towards enhancing information and communication technology (ICT) compliance of the primary school teachers for effective teaching. MSTA Journal.. 53 (2), 35-39. A Publication of the Michigan Science Teachers Association (MSTA), U.S.A,