A Study on Students’ Choice of Programme in the University

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Ajibola, M.O
Emeghe, I.J
Oluwunmi, A.O
Oni, A.S
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Journal of Educational and Social Research
The study examined the choice of programme that students’ offered in the University, especially in the built environment. Questionnaire was administered on 100 Level students in the Departments of Architecture, Building Technology and Estate Management of Covenant University, Ota. A total of 136 copies of questionnaire was retrieved and used for analysis as contained in the study. The study revealed that 79.4% were in the University based on their parents’ choice while 90% are responsible for the choice of course (programme) they are pursuing in the University based on personal interest. About 69.9% of the students dislike the University which may be a factor to be considered in their academic performances. It is therefore very important that, even though the students are very tender in ages, respect should be given to their opinion in taking decision(s) on issues that border on their lives. Parents should always take time to talk things over with their wards rather than imposing their opinion on the children.
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Estate Management , Students’ Choice , University , Architecture , Building , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY
Ajibola, M. O., Emeghe, I. J.,Oluwunmi, A. O. and Oni, A. S (2017) A Study on Students’ Choice of Programme in the University, Journal of Educational and Social Research, 7(1), 137-144.