Challenges of sustainable physical planning and development in metropolitan Lagos

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Oduwaye, L.
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Canadian Center of Science and Education
Currently the concept and adoption of sustainable development is one of the most commonly adopted in recent time. This paper therefore examines the application of the concept in the physical development process in Lagos State. It delves into literature on physical development efforts with discussions on planning legislations from the colonial period to the present time in Lagos State all aimed at resolving the myriad of problems confronting physical and environmental development in the state. Existing problems identified in the paper are classified into physical/environmental, cultural/sociological, managerial and legislative problems. Efforts towards sustainable development in other parts of the world are examined upon which suggestions are presented on how sustainable physical development can be achieved in Lagos State. Among specific suggestions offered by the paper include need for public participation in planning, capacity building, integration of information technology into planning practice and that planning should not be commercialized.
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physical planning , sustainable development , urban management , environment , Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES::Earth sciences
Oduwaye, L. (2009). Challenges of sustainable physical planning and development in metropolitan Lagos. Journal of sustainable development, 2(1), 159-171.