The need for quality assurance in adult education

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Bakare, T.V.
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Journal of Pedagogical Thought Tanzania
This paper examines the complexity of adult education and the dearth of quality assurance practices in adult education programs in direct comparison with the practice in formal education. It presents lack of policy as a contributory factor and advocates more awareness of adult education as a bona fide field while reiterating the necessity to pay more attention to quality assurance in adult education. The paper argues that more attention is presently paid to quality assurance in the formal education sector and most efforts to improve the education system in Nigeria has been more concerned with the formal educational system especially below the tertiary level. The discourse further proposes a model quality assurance prototype for adult education to be followed for best practices. Quality assurance is an equally necessary process in the practice of adult education, even if it has hitherto been neglected, it is essential to establishing and instilling a stronger sense of awareness of quality and ensuring continual improvement in the practice.
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Quality assurance , Adult education , Educational policy , Educational system , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Bakare, T.V. (2011). The Need for Quality Assurance in Adult Education. Journal of Pedagogical Thought, International University College, Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania, 3, 79 – 94.