Energy Consumption Analysis in Residential Buildings in Lagos

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Kusimo, A.
Adebamowo, M. A.
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Department of Architecture, University of Lagos
This paper aims at analyzing the energy consumption determinants in residential buildings in Lagos metropolis. This in response to cases where insight into determinants of energy consumption of electricity energy dependent on environmental, Building design and Human behavioural factors. Periodic energy audit of households energy consumption based on determinants factors of Humidity, Temperature, Building characteristics, Occupant behavioral actions and Occupancy rate is paramount. The difficulty in applying this method of approach relies solely on easy accessibility and regular availability of electricity supply. In this analysis of real electricity energy consumption in residential Lagos metropolis, using energy audit method, electricity consumption on the prepaid bases rather than postpaid billing system remained more valued for use. This method for determining household electricity consumption on weekly consumption rate to account for households daily use when and only supply are made available by distributing companies. It is the longitudinal survey approach covering Wet and Dry seasons that were adopted with the energy audit structured questionnaire. This provides the study with quantitative and qualitative data for processing. Data collected were analyzed with different analytical techniques using SPSS 21 software program. The inferential statistical method of analysis includes, bivariate analysis explaining the relationship and contributions of variables on energy consumption. Chi-Square test, Analysis of variance (ANOVA), Spears on product moment correlation (r), Spearman rank correlation coefficient (Rho) and multiple regression analysis.
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Energy consumption , Environmental factors , Building characteristics , Human Factors , Lagos State , Research Subject Categories::FORESTRY, AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES and LANDSCAPE PLANNING::Landscape planning::Landscape architecture
Kusimo, A. & Adebamowo, M. A. (2019). Energy Consumption Analysis in Residential Buildings in Lagos. Lagos Journal of Architecture. 3, 1-24.