Street Side Space Resources and Urban Aesthetics in Metropolitan Lagos

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Adejumo, O. T.
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Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Lagos
Streets provide vantage positions to experience the city and evaluate the quality of its physical form. The attraction and level of comfort achieved in the city is reflected by the wise concept with which its streets are platted. A city can influence its aesthetic quality by the degree to which the street side space resources especially trees, light fixtures, furniture and communication media are ordered. This paper examined the composition of street side resources in metropolitan Lagos. The study revealed that the foundation of the prevailing aesthetic shortcoming in Lagos is rooted in the non-conformity of the streets to designed standards. It is observed that Lagos streets are framed by filthy open drainage channels. This concept did not accommodate the role of street side spaces in enhancing the beauty of human settlements. Since city aesthetics reflect the cultural and social values of its inhabitants, there is a need to repackage Lagos street system to enhance sustainable aesthetic. Such repackaging demands a futuristic street design that focuses on environmental beauty. The study recommends an interrelated six-step solution including futuristic street philosophy that accommodates opinion of key stakeholders in street enterprise.
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Streetside Resources , Street Aesthetics , Modernism , Undesirables , Sustainability , Ecological design , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Civil engineering and architecture
Adejumo O. T. (2006) Street Side Space Resources and Urban Aesthetics in Metropolitan Lagos. Journal of Urban and Regional Planning Review, Vol.1(1), 1-10