Urban Planning Practices in Lagos Nigeria

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Abubakar, I.R
Lawanson, T
Usman, A
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This chapter explores the extent to which these urban planning paradigms are being implemented in managing the megacity. This study is important because Lagos is West Africa’s leading harbor, where over half of Nigeria’s non-oil economic activities are taking place (Dano et al., 2020). It is also a critical location for implementing the nation’s industrial, commercial, innovation and technological aspirations. The paper is organized as follows. The next section is an overview of the city, highlighting its history, urban planning framework, and key urbanization challenges. This is followed by an outline of how development plans and the urban planning framework are being implemented to address the city’s urbanization challenges. The paper concludes by recommending some approaches to strengthen the operative urban planning and governance framework.
urban planning , planning practice , lagos
Abubakar. R, Lawanson.T and Abubakar.S (2020) Urban Planning Practices in Lagos, Nigeria. Rukmana.D (ed), The Routledge Handbook of Planning Megacities in the Global South. London & New York: Routledge