Ef fect of drying methods on the ant imicrobial propert ies of Cassia alata, Commel ina di f fusa and Borreria vert ici l lata extracts

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Samuel, T.O.
Egwuatu, T.O.G
Ajose, F.O.
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The Egypt ian Society of Experimental Biology
This study investigated the effect of di ff erent drying methods (Sun dry; Shade dr y, 40⁰C Ove n d r y a nd 60⁰C Ov e n d r y r esp ec ti vel y) o n the antimicrobial activi ties of leaves extracts of Bor rer ia ver tici l lata, Cassia alata and Commel ina di ffusa. Using disc di ffusion agar method, the antimicrobial assay of the methanol and aqueous extracts of e ach plant leaves at di fferent drying methods were car r ied out . The resul ts from the study revealed that dr ying methods affect the efficacy of the tested medicinal plants by influencing the quanti ty and qual i ty of the bioactive consti tuents present in the plants. It was concluded from the study that aqueous methanol ic crude leaves extract dr ied via shade-dry and 40 0C oven dr y methods is most effective so, the used drying methods are sui table to employ for processing plants for use. This was proved as these (shade-dry and 40⁰C) methods retained most of the bioactive consti tuents of the plants thereby inhibited the growth of the tested microbes.
Antimicrobial proper ties, Fungi , Bacter ia, Leaves extract.