Social Sustainability Business Practice and Organisational Performance in Nigerian Banks

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Oyewo, B.M
Iredele, O.O.
Azuh, Akunna
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Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Management
is study examines employee involvement in organisational affairs as an important facet of social sustainability in the Nigerian banking sector, because providing good customer service requires committed employeesratherthan coerced labour. Data extracted through quantitative content analysis from the financialreports of fifteen commercial banks were analysed using descriptive statistics, Z test, One-way ANOVA, correlation and regression analysis techniques. e study found that employee involvement correlates positively and significantly with organisational performance; and banks differ in performance on the account of the level of employee involvement; firms with deeper level of employee involvement performed better than others with shallow level of employee involvement, thus stressing the relevance of employee involvement as an aspect ofsocialsustainability business practices. Organisations are enjoined to involve their employees more to achieve better results; and embrace the modern philosophy of regarding employees as strategic resources that can be used to bolster core competence.
Human resources
Employee involvement , , global reporting initiative , Organisational performance , Nigeria , Sustainability
Oyewo, Babajide Michael, Iredele, Oluwamayowa O. & Azuh Akunna (2018). Social Sustainability Business Practice and Organisational Performance in Nigerian Banks, Journal of Human Resources Management (2018) vol. 21 No. 1, 43-57.