A Peep into New Publications and Reading Culture in Igbo language of Nigeria

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Ikwubuzo, I.
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Indigenous Language Media in Africa, Center for Black and African Arts and Civilization
The use of Igbo language as a communicative instrument is as old as the Igbo race. Apart from its oral use, efforts were made to reduce Igbo language to writing in order to widen the scope of its use. The sim of this chapter is to appraise the use of the language, in its written form, as a communicative tool, especially in the hand of media practitioners. The chapter begins by casting a quick glance at who the Igbo, the natives speakers of the language, are, their origin and where they live. It proceeds to look at the language and all the pioneering efforts to reduce it to writing. These efforts are traced from the primordial graphic sign writing, Nsibidi, invented by the Igbo, which was mainly used by the initiatives of traditional cults, to the collection of some Igbo wordlists by the early missionaries who used the materials as a tool of instruction in the formal education of Igbo language are other effort made to put the language into some effective use, including the attempts to publish full-fledged newspapers in Igbo language.
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Igbo language , Tradition and beliefs , Oral use , Communicative tool , Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION::Languages and linguistics
Ikwubuzo, I. (2006). A Peep into New Publications and Reading Culture in Igbo language of Nigeria