Quality Assurance in Library Service Delivery: Critical Analysis

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Ajayi, T.B
Adebayo, O.K
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Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Ensuring and maintaining quality is the goal of all organizations and library is not an exemption. Quality in the library can only be assured if the users are satisfied with the services received from the library staff. The challenges faced by library in meeting users need in this technology age must be met in order to ensure quality. Measuring human activities that have value and maintaining it is required of all services rendered in the library in order to provide confidence in such service and in the users. There are both external and internal challenges faced by the library in ensuring quality, these ranges from the physical structure to selection of information materials and to the end user. If these are properly handled, quality will be assured.
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Ajayi, T.B and Adebayo, O.K (2013) Quality Assurance in Library Service Delivery: Critical Analysis. NIALS Journal of Law Librarianship and Information Technology