Corporate social responsibility: are firms in Nigeria actually giving back or giving away?

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Oluwafemi, O.J.
Oyatoye, E.O
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International Journal of Business Excellence
Firms that are less rational in their socially responsible actions might just be giving away rather than actually given back because they are unable to prioritise their socially responsible efforts. The extent to which firms in Nigeria apply rational decision techniques for prioritising their socially responsible actions is unknown. Therefore, this study analysed three primary stakeholder groups to which firms concentrate their social responsibility efforts using analytic hierarchical process (AHP). Cross-sectional design, quota, simple random, and convenient sampling techniques were employed to obtain responses from 225 corporate affairs officers in various quoted companies. Responses were placed on a 3 × 3 matrix estimates of perception of primary stakeholder groups that received attention. Socio-cultural and economic stakeholders rated much lower than the priority accorded political constituency. Alternative priorities for the dimensions of stakeholder salience were also higher for legitimacy and power more than urgency. The implications of these findings were discussed
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corporate social responsibility , CSR , stakeholder salience , analytic hierarchy process , AHP , Lagos metropolis; Nigeria , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences
Oluwafemi, O. J., & Oyatoye, E. O. (2012). Corporate social responsibility: are firms in Nigeria actually giving back or giving away?. International Journal of Business Excellence, 5(1-2), 116-129