Dwelling Density Variability across Government-Built Multifamily Apartments in Lagos

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Adebayo, A. K.
Iweka, A. C.
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Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia
This study examined the variability of dwelling density across different classifications of multifamily apartments built by Lagos State Development and Property Corporation (LSDPC) in Lagos, Nigeria. Six design prototypes used to build several multifamily apartments in four estates were purposively selected as case study. The focus was on comparing how the interior spaces in the six multifamily prototype apartments were occupied during habitation. Overall population of apartments studied was 7,764 representing the total number of apartments in the four purposively selected estates. A sample of 7.5% (582) was chosen using stratification and systematic random techniques. A survey research technique was adopted to obtain responses to pre-tested questionnaires regarding the demographic data of occupants. Data analysis was done by applying adult-equivalent number of occupants based on Canadian National Occupancy Standards (CNOS) and the Equivalized Crowding Index (ECI). The intensity of dwelling density during habitation across various apartment classifications was presented in two parts namely single measure and group measure. The results obtained using the group measure show that households containing three to five persons were the most dominant in all apartment types. The result also shows that there was no substantial disparity in dwelling density across different apartment classifications when analyzed using single measure approach. This finding was supported by the results of a chi-square test which found that, at 95% confidence level, apartment type had no significant effect on dwelling density in LSDPC’s multifamily apartments. The findings are important for policy issues that relate apartment types to household sizes and crowding. The results are also relevant for policies regarding provision of infrastructure and other complementary facilities in government-built estates to improve residents’ welfare and quality of life.
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Dwelling density , Home spaces , Housing units , Multifamily apartments , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Civil engineering and architecture
Adebayo, A. K. and Iweka, A. C. O. (2013). Dwelling Density Variability across Government-Built Multifamily Apartments in Lagos. Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management, 6(5), 517 – 523.