A survey of the prevalence of deviant behaviours in secondary schools in Lagos State

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Jegede, I.O.
Ememe, P.I.
Gami, T.O.
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The United Nations African Institute for the Prevention of Crime and Treatment of Offenders (UNAFRI) Kampala, Uganda)
The study sought to survey the prevalence of deviant behaviour among senior secondary school students in Lagos State. The main purpose of the study was to identify the type of deviant behaviour prevalent in secondary schools and the characteristics of students who exhibit such deviant behaviours. To guide data collection, three research questions were formulated. The study employed the survey design and the population of the study constituted all the senior secondary school 2 (SS II) students in Lagos State. The study employed the stratified random sampling technique to select respondents for the study. a total of ten schools, 200 students and 100 teachers were involved in the study. The study identified an array of deviant behaviours that are prevalent in secondary schools in Lagos state. The study also showed that there is gender difference in the exhibition of the identified behaviours. The study also identified the characteristics of individuals who exhibit these 'deviant behaviours. The following recommendations were made: schools should take steps to identify students exhibiting deviant characteristics with the aim offinding out causes of such behaviour and helping them to deal with such. Also, peace education should be introduced in the school, not in the form of curriculum, but in the form of non-formal education that can make an impact on the students.
Deviance, behaviours, students, peace education
Jegede, O. I., Ememe, P. I. & Gami, T. O. (2009). A survey of the prevalence of deviant behaviours in secondary schools in Lagos State. UNIFRI, African Journal of Crime and Criminal Justice (AJCJ) 1(1), 277 - 299.