Achievement Motivation:

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Umukoro, F. G.
Kuye, O.L.
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The multifaceted approach employed in this study enables the assessment of achievement tendencies in various cultural environments. The results of this study may stimulate the analysis of achievement tendencies among sub populations differing on additional variables, example, gender, vocation, or organizational roles. Furthermore, the evidence regarding the complexity of achievement motive may offer the prospect of matching certain achievement motivation profiles to certain occupations, position or task. More empirical work may enable its application to practical situations, such as personnel selection and placement, or human resources development.
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Motivation , Structure and Strength
Umukoro,F.G. and Kuye, O.L. (2007) Achievement Motivation: A Crosscultural Comparison of Structure and strength. Journal of Research in National Development, Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria. Vol. 5, (1), p. 69 - 77.