School Library Use Pattern among Teachers of Primary and Post Primary Schools in Ibadan, Oyo State

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Alabi, A.O
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Converting Educational Research into Knowledge (CONTEMPOR)
The study focus on the concept of school library, as an integral part of learning system. Using survey research design/ data were collected using structured questionnaire from samples of selected teachers , drawn from six private primary and ten secondary schools in Ibadan metropolis. A total of 62 out of 180 (90%)' responses were received and analyzed. The findings revealed that majority of the teachers in primary and secondary schools claimed they use the library regularly citing research purposes as their major reason. The study also revealed that secondary school teachers promote the use of the Library among the. students by giving them assignments that will make them do research. Their counterparts in the primary school promote library use by taking pupil to the library during library period. 156 or 96% of the teachers said the shoot library is integral part of the learning system. The study also revealed that the library is pushed to the periphery of the educational system. Qualified librarians are still lacking in our primary and secondary schools. The study recommends that library and information studies should be integrated into the school curriculum. Library period should be e must on the school timetable and instructional materials (textbooks) should be developed for us from primary school.
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School Library , Library Use
Alabi, A.O (2010) School Library Use Pattern among Teachers of Primary and Post Primary Schools in Ibadan, Oyo State. African Journal for Contemporary Issues in Education, Volume 5(2).