Comparison Of The Nature And Strategic Features Of Facilities Management And Other Building Support Practices In Lagos

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Koleoso, H. A.
Omirin, M. M.
Adewunmi, Y. A.
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Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi.
This study examined the features of the Lagos-Nigerian Facilities Management (FM) practice and how strategic and value adding it is. This was achieved by comparing its principles, work focus and object amongst others, with that of four other traditional Building Support Service (BSS) practices. The research design was survey, carried out through self-administered questionnaires directed to a sample of 123 BSS providers that work with office buildings in Lagos metropolis. The data were analyzed using frequency counts, means, Chi square test and Wilcoxon sign rank test. The study revealed that the FM title is largely used only as a “catch phrase” by BSS providers, to enhance patronage. It further reveals that BSS providers that are addressed as facilities managers do not adopt FM principles in their practices. Also that the principles of property management was used predominantly amongst the respondents, while the main work focus of the maintenance manager was rated “most important”. These findings imply that there is insufficient knowledge of the strategic roles of FM among BSS practitioners and that they are still largely confused about its distinctive features and value adding benefit. This highlights the need for further education on the practice of FM and greater commitment to ensuring that it plays its distinctive strategic roles. Therefore, this paper recommends that relevant professional bodies and FM training institutions must provide training and re-training opportunities nationally and internationally, in order to enhance the knowledge base of the practice, particularly its strategic content. Furthermore, the FM training curriculum should incorporate more contextual issues. This will demonstrate that the difference between FM and other BSS practices is beyond nomenclature.
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Building support services practices , Facilities management , Lagos-Nigeria , Strategic features of facilities management , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences
H. A., Omirin, M. M., and Adewunmi, Y. A. (2015). Comparison of the nature and strategic features of facilities management and other building support practices in Lagos. ATBU Journal of Environmental Technology, 8 (2), 11-29.