Youths, Social Media and Gender-Based Violence: An Emerging Trend in Nigeria?

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Eshiet, I.C.U.
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The revolution in information communication technology has created boundless opportunities for media users. With the advent of mobile technology devices and the growth of social media platforms, endless access has been provided for the youths not only to consume media but also to make media and share it more easily and quickly. However, increased access to media consumption and creation has its latent consequences, one of such is gender-based violence. This paper investigated social media orchestrated gender-based violence among youths in Nigeria, using a combination of methods - content analysis of reported cases in the media and in-depth interview of victims. Findings reveal a dangerous pattern of social media orchestrated gender-based violence among youths. This calls for media literacy education for Nigerian youths on the need to use social media critically and cautiously.
Youth , Gender-based violence , Social media
Idongesit, E. (2014). Youths, social media and gender-based violence: an emerging trend in Nigeria. International Journal of Economy, Management and Social Sciences, 3(1), 21-27.