The Impact of Literacy by Radio in Lagos State

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Jegede, S
Anyikwa, E.B
Afonja, A
Igwe, O.I
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Faculty of Education, Kampala International University College, Tanzania
The study assesd the impact of Literacy by Radio on Literacy programmes in Lagos State. Four Research questions were formulated to guild the study. A cross-sectional Survey method was adopted in carrying out the study. A sampling frame of all the local government Areas (LGAs) in Lagos was drawn and statified into urban and rural areas. Using probability proportional to size (PPS) sampling, one rural and two urban areas in Lagos was selected. This is on the basis that about three quarters of Lagos State is urbanized. A sample frame of all the registered literacy by radio centers with the Agency for mass literacy and non formal education was drawn from the three Local government area. A sample of six respondents from two centres each from the three local government areas were ramdomly selected and used. The instrutment used was structured interview involving focused group discussion (FGD) and key informat interview (KII). The findings revealled the existence of literacy by Radio programme in some communities in Lagos state. Concernings the Impact of the programme on the participants, the respondents admitted that the programme has helped them in different areas of their life such as – their business, communication skills, human relations, political rights, health issues, as well as community participation. However, the study also identified many challenges of the programmes. Key among them were; the participants has to acquired sum of the gadjects they need in the programme -like batteries for the radio programmes themselves), inconsistency of the programmes (enrollement, airing of the programme from radio and change of facilitators), poor publicity, poor funding, scarecity of centers, high dropout rate, poor coordination of activities to support the programme by the various agencies saddled with this responsibility. The study also revealed that the programme is about going into extinction because of government inability to sustain the programme. Based on this findings it was recommended among other things that; The use of targeted awareness campaigns and project mobilisation strategies that will help address the issues of low and non-adoption of Literacy by Radio programme in Lagos, proper funding of proramme by government and effective monitoring & evaluation.
Literacy by Radio , Literacy Programmes
Jegede, S, Anyikwa, E.B, Afonja, A & Igwe O. Igwe (2012).The Impact of Literacy by Radio in Lagos State. Journal of Pedagogical Thought. 8(1). Published by Faculty of Education, Kampala International University College, Tanzania. p.73-91.ISSN:1821-8180