Dual City Nigeria: A Historic Walk through Nigeria’s Urban Development Trajectory

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Onifade, V
Lawanson, T
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This paper outlined a historical look at urban and regional planning in Nigeria. A desk-based study of the classical and contemporary reflections on the definition and roles of planning was carried out. It traced urbanisation in Nigeria from the precolonial, colonial to postcolonial periods. The paper x-rayed the shift from a traditional settlement approach, through the colonial period that focused on health and environmental sanitation to a more recent emphasis on development control. It established that planning in Nigeria has been instrumental to the development of the contemporary Nigerian city. The paper concluded by stating the urgency of climate change and the reality of a fast urbanising Nigeria which make urban and regional planning an urgent national imperative.
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Urban , Planning , Contemporary , Development , Nigeria , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
Onifade. V & Lawanson. T (2019) Dual City Nigeria: a historic walk through Nigeria’s urban development trajectory. Alabi. M, Sanni. L and Wahab(eds) Urban and Regional Planning in Nigeria: Essays in Honour of Professor Babatunde Agbola. Ibadan: Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Ibadan