Library Use and Students Academic Achievement: Implication for Counseling

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Gbemi-Ogunleye, P.F.
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Libraries are set up in any higher institution to enhance academic output of students. Several factors play a part in determining Students Academic Achievement, but the extent to which students use library facilities does not appear to have been recently considered as a factor, Thus, this study examined the use of library and students’ academic achievement at University of Lagos, Nigeria. The study was a descriptive research survey. A total of 120 students were randomly selected for the study. Two hypotheses were formulated and tested at 0.05 level of significant. The findings showed that there exist a significant association between library use and students’ academic achievement. Besides, the study revealed a significant association between counseling and students’ use of school Library. It was recommended that school counselors should proactive in tackling the issue of non-use of the school Library by students in the tertiary institutions across Nigeria.
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Gbemi-Ogunleye, P.F. (2016). Library Use and Students Academic Achievement: Implication for Counseling. Information and Knowledge Management, 6(2), 50-52.