Planning education for rural community development in Nigeria

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Sule, S.A.
Oladipo, S.A.
Yusuf, J.
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Trafford Publishers, USA
Planning generally entails the identification of goals and objectives of an organization and working out ways and means of achieving them. According to Adejo (2004), by planning, "we mean a rational and intelligent process of preparing or arranging a set of decisions for future ~ tion directed at achieving goals and objective by the best ways possible" . .-u1derson and Bowman (1969), defined educational planning as the process : preparing a set of decisions for future action pertaining to education. Coombs (1974), said that educational planning in its broadest generic se, is the application of rational systematic analysis to the process of vocational development with the aim of making education more effective efficient in responding to the needs and goals of the students and iery,
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Rural community development , Planning education , Nigeria , Education , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Sule, S.A., Oladipo, S.A. and Yususf, J. (2013). Planning education for rural community development in Nigeria. Challenges and prospects in African education systems, 845 – 851pp.