Effects of Zingiber officinale on reproductive functions in male rats

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Morakinyo, AO
Adeniyi, OS
Arikawe, AP
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To investigate the effects of Zingiber Officinale on male reproductive functions and study the mechanisms underlying these effects, aqueous extract of Zingiber Officinale were administered orally to two groups of male rats at 500mg/kg b.w. and 1000mg/kg b.w. A third group served as control and received the treatment vehicle, distilled water. Treatment lasted for 14 and 28 days before sacrifice. Organ weight, epididymal sperm counts, motility, viability and morphology, seminal fructose, testicular malonhydialdehyde, and serum testosterone were determined. The treatment caused a significant increase (P<0.05) in the weight of the testis and epididymis. There were dose and duration dependent increases in sperm count and motility (P<0.05). There was also a significant increase (P<0.05) in serum testosterone level. Malonhydialdehyde levels were significantly reduced (P<0.05). Our results indicated that extract of Zingiber Officinale possesses pro-fertility properties in male rats which might be a product of both its potent antioxidant properties and androgenic activities.
Zingiber Officinale , Testosterone , Androgenic , Malonhydialdehyde , Sperm
Morakinyo AO, Adeniyi OS and Arikawe AP. (2009) Effects of Zingiber officinale on reproductive functions in male rats. Afr. J. Biomed. Res. 11 (3): 329-333