Appraisal of Instructional Materials in Teaching and Learning of Business Studies in Public Secondary Schools in Mushin Local Government, Lagos State

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Ishola, N.A.
Falobi, O.V.
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Port Harcourt Journal of Educational Studies
The study attempted to investigate the appraisal of instructional materials as being used in secondary schools in Mushin Local Government Area of Lagos State, Nigeria. The study equally reviewed some important and extensive literatures under sub-headings. The research survey design was applied in the assessment of respondent’s opinions towards the subject matter. In this study, a total of 100 students and 10 teachers of both male and female gender were selected for this study. At the end of the data analysis, the following results were derived: there is a significant relationship between teaching materials and teaching effectiveness among teachers in Lagos State public schools and there is a significant gender in the academic performance of students due to the use of teaching materials in Lagos State public schools. Based on the conclusions reached at the end of the study, the following recommendations are made by the researcher. Educational stakeholders should build a standardize Business Laboratory which will be well equipped with modern equipment and well-furnished to meet modern day demand in producing a self-reliance business students. The stakeholders should intensify efforts in providing adequate instructional materials such as computers and other ICT gargets in Business Laboratory in order to provide desired learning outcome.
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Instructional Materials , Teaching and learning
Ishola, N.A., & Falobi, O.V. (2020). Appraisal of instructional materials in teaching and learning of business studies in public secondary schools in Mushin Local Government, Lagos State. Port Harcourt Journal of Educational Studies. 5(3). 156-166.