Mineral composition of commonly consumed local foods in Nigeria.

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Morakinyo, AO
Samuel, TA
Adegoke, OA
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Appropriate levels of mineral nutrients are required to maintain optimal health as acute imbalances of these minerals can be potentially fatal. Therefore, dietary intake of micronutrients is of public health importance due to the consequences of the deficiency. This study analysed the selected minerals (Na, K, Mg, Ca, Fe, Zn, Cu, P, Cl and Mn) in the representative samples of 25 commonly consumed Nigerian dishes using appropriate procedures. New data generated on these local dishes demonstrates the inadequacy of some mineral elements in selected Nigerian local dishes relative to the recommended daily allowance. Sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron contents expressed as mg/100 g dry weight ranged from 5.0±0.20 to 17.4±0.42, 4.6±0.3 to11.2±0.5, 2.4±0.3 to 10.0±0.2, 7.08±0.03 to 19.78±0.14 and 6.32±0.25 to 24.01±0.87 respectively. The zinc, copper, phosphorous, chlorine and manganese contents were between 2.19±0.09 to 8.31±0.17, 0.63±0.03 to 3.45±0.14, 0.76±0.08 to 4.27±0.15, 54.8±3.35 to 2301±46.97 and 2.24±0.05 to 7.19±0.43 respectively. The physiologic roles of mineral nutrients are as varied as their composition and the deficiency of these micronutrients in Nigerian dishes and their possible health effects were highlighted in this study. These data will serve as an important tool in future national and international food consumption surveys to target provision of dietary advice, inform health workers, dieticians, clinicians and researchers among others.
Micronutrients , Minerals , Sodium , Nigerian foods , Zinc , Iron , Copper
Morakinyo AO, Samuel TA and Adegoke OA. (2016). Mineral composition of commonly consumed local foods in Nigeria. Afr. J. Biomed. Res. 19: 141-147