Students' Perceived Quality of Library Facilities and Services in Nigerian Private Universities

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Oluwunmi, A.O
Durodola, O.D
Ajayi, C.A
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Journal of Education and Training Studies
In a highly competitive academic environment, students are becoming more selective and demanding in their choice of University. Hence, it is essential for educational institutions, particularly privately-owned institutions, to be interested in getting feedback on the quality of their facilities and services. With a focus on four private universities in Ogun State, Nigeria, this study examined students' perception of the quality of their library facilities and services. Using a modified SERVPERF questionnaire, seven hundred and forty-four (744) students were randomly selected and five hundred and eighteen (518) questionnaires were returned and analysed with SERVPERF dimensions (tangibility, responsiveness, reliability. assurance and empathy). Findings revealed that students' general perception of library services in the four (4) universities is above average, however, their perception of some facilities in the library like parking space and escape routes is very low. It is recommended that facility providers should ensure that university libraries facilities/services are given greater attention in budgeting, actual provision and quality improvement.
students, library, Private Universities, educational institutions, Nigeria
Oluwunmi, A. O., Durodola, O. D. and Ajayi, C. A. (2016). Students' Perceived Quality of Library Facilities and Services in Nigerian Private Universities. Journal of Education and Training Studies,4(5), 41-50.