The Architecture of Holy Cross Cathedral Lagos

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Ejiga, O.
Igwe, J. M.
Kashim, Y.
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Department of Architecture
It is the function of the historian of architecture to trace the origin, growth, and decline of the architectural styles which have prevailed in different lands and ages. It is also his function to explain the principles of the styles, their characteristic forms and decoration, and to describe the great masterpieces of each style and period. The historian does with the aim of preserving a people’s achievement from physical and mental destruction hence securing their identity, culture and way of life. Holy Cross Cathedral is one of the architectural masterpieces that have defined the Nigerian landscape and like every architectural creation it is a product of cultural, economic, religious and geographical influences. This paper examined the architectural style of the edifice belonging to the catholic mission within the realm of architectural history.
Cathedral , Lagos , Gothic Architecture , Catholic Architecture
Ejiga, O., Igwe, J. M., Kashim, Y. (2015). The Architecture of Holy Cross Cathedral Lagos. Lagos Journal of Architecture, 1, 51-62.