Curbing deviance through peace education in Lagos.

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Jegede, I.O.
Ememe, P.I.
Kolawole, T.O.
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Ozean Publication, Taskin Inan, Dumlupinar University, Ohio USA.
Peace is a necessary condition for development. All efforts to bring peace 10 the world have not yielded the expected results. Deviance inform of violence and aggressive behaviour still pervade based on the activities of the deviant minority. Means should be found 10 reintegrate these deviant minorities back into the mainstream of the society. The main purpose of the study was to develop and test a peace education package that could be used to reintegrate young people who have traces of deviance that could develop into criminal and violent behaviour in future, which can be recommended for use in any part of the world and most especially in the third world countries. Three research questions and one hypothesis were formulated and tested. The instruments used were Behaviour Rating Scale, Weekly Behavioural Assessment Record, Dialogue Module and Focus Group Discussions .A total of 120 students divided into experimental and control groups were involved in the study. A baseline survey was done to identify existing deviant behaviours in the schools. The result of the study showed that peace education is not only useful in changing deviant behaviours but can also be used to reintegrate the deviants back into the society as well as help them live responsible and peaceable lives. The introduction of peace education in a non-formal way for the deviants was suggested as well as integrating some of the content into the main curriculum for the purpose of building a peace culture among the youths.
Peace education, deviant behaviours in the schools
Jegede, O. I., Ememe, P. I. & Kolawole, T. O. (2013). Curbing deviance through peace education in Lagos. European Journal of Education Studies 5(1), 43 - 54.