Communication Techniques for Security and National Development in Contemporary Nigeria

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Oketunmbi, E.O.
Ajilola, B.
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College Press, Ibadan, Nigeria
An issue of global concern, and a cause of great worry to all and sundry in Nigeria, security is a crucial factor in any attempt at national development. Therefore, this paper diagnoses and decries the state of security and development in Nigeria. Adopting and adapting the systems theory, the paper examines the interplay among national development, communication, and security. It argues that development, communication, and security are analogous to a vehicle, its engine, and its fuel respectively. Mutual inclusiveness rules in the scheme of things in a system of a vehicle propelled by an engine, which in turn is sustained by a fuel. The same principle applies equally to Nigeria because national development cannot occur unless there is communication to propel it, and security to sustain it. To tackle the problem, the paper proffers a communication-oriented solution based on development communication models that had succeeded in other contexts and societies.
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Security , National development , Development communication , Nigeria , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Other social sciences::Mass communication
Oketunmbi, E. O. O., Ajijola, B. (2014). Communication Techniques for Security and National Development in Contemporary Nigeria. In I. B. Bello-Imam (Ed.). National security and development in contemporary Nigeria, Vol. 1, 226-235. Ibadan, Nigeria: College Press.