The Impact of Housing Quality on Health in Lagos State, Nigeria.

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Nubi, T.G.
Afe, Y.
Otegbulu, A.C.
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Health Policy and Development. Uganda Martyr's University Press (UMU). Kampala-Uganda.
Housing is an important determinant of health. Housing quality is a related to the health status of the occupants-bad houses have sick residents who are more likely to spend more on health care. This study looked at two residential areas of urban Lagos., Nigeria and compared the quality of housing with the expenditures on health in the two areas. It found out that, in the Gowon Estate, an area with relatively better housing, better surface drainage, centralized sewage and lest occupancy ratios, health expenditures on common health problems were much worse. This further confirms the importance of housing quality as an important determinant of health among the many recommendations, the paper urges for policies to ease access to and ownership of land, to enable people to construct and own houses, as well encouraging landlords to build houses of good quality.
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Housing Quality , Health Status , Occupants , Quality of life , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
Nubi, T.G.; Y. Afe & A.C. Otegbulu (2009). The Impact of Housing Quality on Health in Lagos State, Nigeria. Health Policy Development. Uganda Martyr's University (UMU) Press, Kampala-Uganda.