Electronic (e-) Procurement Adoption and Users’ Experience in the Nigerian Construction Sector

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Ibem, E.O
Aduwo, E.B
Afolabi, A.O
Oluwunmi, A.O
Tunji-Olayeni, P.F
Ayo-Vaughan, E.A
Uwakonye, U.O
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International Journal of Construction Education and Research
The adoption of e-Procurement in construction is gaining global accept- ability, but in a developing country like Nigeria, there is a paucity of studies on the e-Procurement tools/applications used by construction industry stakeholders and their experiences with this technology. This study investigated e-Procurement adoption and users’ experience with it in the Nigerian construction industry using a questionnaire survey of 759 users of e-Procurement. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and factor analysis and the results show that whereas relatively high usage of e-Procurement tools in sending and receiving information on tender opportunities, tendering, and making and receiving pay- ments for construction procurement transactions was observed, the use of this technology in monitoring the progress of work on construc- tion sites or tracking the movement of materials was very low. It was also observed that users’ experience with e-Procurement in Nigeria was influenced by the adequacy and reliability of Internet infrastructure and ease of use of the technology, operational environment, change management issues, benefits of the technology, and the availability, accessibility, and interoperability of e-Procurement systems. The study implies that in order to ensure sustained use of e-Procurement in Nigeria’s construction sector, adequate attention should be given to these factors that influence users’ experience.
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Adoption; construction ndustry; e-Procurement; Nigeria; survey; users’ experience , Adoption , Construction industry , E-Procurement , Users’ experience
Ibem, E. O., Aduwo, E. B., Afolabi, A. O., Oluwunmi, A. O., Tunji-Olayeni, P. F., Ayo-Vaughan, E. A. and Uwakonye, U. O. (2020). Electronic (e-) Procurement Adoption and Users’ Experience in the Nigerian Construction Sector, International Journal of Construction Education and Research. 1-19.