Symbolic Analysis of Heat Transfer in Radial Fin

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Adeleye, O.A
Fakinlede, O.A
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Journal of Engineering Research
In this paper, a novel application domain of the symbolic implementation of finite element method using a linear heat dissipation radial fin has been presented. The problem of temperature distribution and heat transfer in radial fins of triangular, rectangular and parametric profiles was modeled and validated using symbolic computation. The current study has shown that the symbolic computational technique is less complex, effective and efficient in comparison with the earlier techniques used to solve heat transfer problem in this same problem domain. Our proposed concept could be adapted to solving heat transfer problems in further extended surfaces.
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Radial fin , Finite element method , Symbolic computation , Mathematica , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Information technology::Systems engineering
Adeleye, O., & Fakinlede, O. (2010). Symbolic Analysis of Heat Transfer in Radial Fin, Journal of Engineering Research, University of Lagos. Vol.15(2),pp. 1,-10.