Assessment of Steel Slag as Replacement for Coarse Aggregate in Concrete: A Review

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Adedokun S.I
Anifowose M.A
Odeyemi S.O
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Faculty Engineering Hunedoara
This study presents a review on the utilization of steel slag as replacement for coarse aggregate in concrete. Merits and demerits of steel slag in concrete as well as its physical properties and chemical compositions of steel slag are also presented. It has been reported that it is economical to use steel slag, as the costs of steel slag are just about 50% of that of conventional aggregates. However, the optimum replacement of coarse aggregate with steel slag that gives better mechanical properties (compressive strength, tensile strength and flexural strength) than conventional concrete is found to be between 30 and 60%. In South Western part of Nigeria, there are numbers of steel/iron producing company with large deposits of steel slag. Therefore, there is need for the utilization of this by-product (steel slag) in concrete production in Nigeria as cost of natural aggregates (fine and coarse aggregate) is becoming higher.
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steel slag , Coarse aggregate , Compressive strength , tensile strength , flexural strength , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY
Adedokun, S.I., Anifowose, M.A. and Odeyemi, S.O. (2018). Assessment of Steel Slag as Replacement for Coarse Aggregate in Concrete: A Review, Acta Corvinienss- Bulletin of Engineering, Vol. 11(4):139-146.